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Frequently Asked Questions

No we do not. We process only Walnuts. We do not process any other nuts in our facility.

The are sourced from local organic farmers in the Sacramento Valley, located in Northern part of California, USA.

Soaking the walnuts like we do takes out the phytic Acid enabling you digest and assimilate the nutrients. it also activates the enzymes making it alive and digestable, this makes your body get the numerous incredible benefits of the walnut.


TATA RAW is not limited to a single variety, we use pretty much all varieties of walnuts

There's no way to calculate, but some research say as much as 90%

Yes, 100% vegan

Right here on our website. We are also on AMAZON. All Co-ops as well as local organic stores in Northern California such as Nugget Market, Farmer Joe's, Rainbow Grocery, Elliots, and others carry TATA RAW products.